Astronight Astrophotography

Latest Image 07-29-2009 IC1318 and Gamma Cygnus

Celestron CGE
WO80mm with .8 FR '
Celestron C8 @ 6.3 / meade DSI pro II guiding with PHD
Canon 350d Mod with Celstron LPR
Temp 78f
seeing 6/10
46x360 dark
10x30ms flat
21x360sec lights
Captured Stacked and Calibrated with Nebulosity
Processed with Photoshop CS3

71.17.53w 42.36.01n
Are you seeing these images correctly?
There are 21 blocks from black to white in the image below,
can you count and see them all???
If not.... then adjust your monitor's gamma setting so that you can see
all the various levels of gray in the image


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